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Brand Awareness Takes You To The Next Level

Brand Awareness Takes You To The Next Level

Brand Awareness Takes You To The Next Level

When you launch your company website for the first time, there’s a good chance you want people to actually find it. If you’re smart, you’ll invest in multi-layered marketing. If you’re really smart, you’ll start with building your plan.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a memorable brand. Apple is known for simplicity. Twitter has its connectedness. What do you stand for?

This is an overwhelming question. It’s like deciding what you want to be when you grow up. You need a system in place. But, exactly how do you do this?

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is how well a consumer understands a brand. A consumer should recognize the brand logo but also connect to the brand’s products or services. Mark Cuban said “Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.”

How to build brand awareness?building-brand.jpg

At Ren Scott Creative, we’re all about building a brand for customers, but we also believe great branding can bring in new customers, increase engagement, and drive higher conversion rates — it’s just good for business.  

To help you grow your own branding awareness, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite multi-layered marketing techniques.

Tactics for building brand awareness

  1. Create something.

HubSpot built a free tool, Marketing Grader, that allows users to add their website URL and email address to get suggestions on how to improve their marketing. The first week more than 140,000 companies used it. And, today more than 4 million websites have been graded.

  1. Build communities.

Yelp personalized each reviewer by creating profiles. Users can their photo, location, and so much more. This simple tactic allows for reviews to feel more trustworthy. Yelp has over 47 million views now.

  1. Guest blog.

Most people see guest posts as a negative thing since the Panda update. To attract new customers, content marketing is essential. Buffer went from zero to 100,000+ users in nine months by writing 150 guest blog posts. And today, content marketing delivers over 70% of Buffer’s daily signups.

Building a memorable brand takes time

There are no shortcuts or ways to “hack” building a brand. Truth is, the tactics above should give you a fresh perspective on how other brands are creating memorable experiences. Your products, services, customer support, and all the other things that go into a multi-layer marketing strategy will do the heavy lifting.

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