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4 Signs Your Website May Need a Redesign

By Anthony Watts on April, 20 2016
Anthony Watts

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One of the most straightforward ways that a company can rethink its web presence and better optimize its online position is with a website redesign. Here are just a few of the most common signs that your site could benefit from a facelift and/or retooling.


The value of redesigning your website

 website-redesign.jpgSmart businesses are always trying new approaches to better tap into their full growth potential. Staying cutting-edge isn’t just about keeping branding updated but actually give you better tools, in turn improving user experience.

Website redesign gets your site up-to-date, harnessing technology and allowing you to stay ahead of your competition. If you are careful in the process, not only will your site work better; but the display will be cleaner, with faster loading and easier maintenance.

How do you know if your website needs a redesign? It helps to know these basic signs so that you can get a sense if company website redesign is right for your organization.


Sign #1 – Long loading times 

slow-loading.jpgIf you leverage the latest technology for your site strategically, you make it possible for users to download less data and load your pages at a much faster clip.

Is your site slow to load? If so, you are losing customers. It’s relatively simple to fix the problem, though, notes Amber Leigh Turner in The Next Web. “I first recommend hiring a web designer or developer to look into why your site is taking so long to load,” she says, “or consider a redesign that will allow for less loading of certain elements.”


Sign #2 – High bounce rate

 When you look at your analytics, you don’t want to find out that a lot of people are reversing course practically as soon as they hit your site. A company website redesign specialist can assess what’s wrong with your site and suggest changes.


Sign #3 – Traffic erosion

 You want the general trend with your traffic to be more people over time, of course. Has your growth stalled, or is it moving in the other direction? Website redesign could get your business out of its rut.


Sign #4 – Site doesn’t feel “clean”

 busy-website.jpgSometimes there starts to be too much “going on” with a site, which can work against your efforts to engage users, explains Michelle Hummel in Business2Community. If that’s true for you, she says, “enlisting website redesign services to remove [the unnecessary elements] will increase your site’s conversion rate by preventing your visitors from being distracted or annoyed.”


Forward with company website redesign

Could your company benefit from reconsideration of its web design? At Ren Scott Creative, our Multi-Layered Approach can help you generate leads, build your brand, and increase revenue. Get started.


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