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Debunking Medical Marketing Myths

By Anthony Watts on August, 8 2018
Anthony Watts

If you need a smile or want to know what’s hot on-line, Anthony is your go-to guy. As reigning Father of the Year, you can be sure he is equipped with the utmost patience and determination to foster and cultivate any online marketing plan! His digital expertise is a lot like his famous Bloody Marys: loaded with goodies and guaranteed to satisfy.

There's no shortage of medical marketing misconceptions out there—but believe them at your own peril. Failing to keep up with today's ever-changing marketing landscape puts you behind your competition. It's time to debunk some of the most tightly held medical marketing myths.

Myth #1: Marketing Isn't Really Necessary in the Medical Field

Whether you own an urgent care center or an orthopedic clinic, one truth remains—you're running a business, and a comprehensive marketing plan is absolutely essential to taking it to the next level. Unfortunately, many misguided medical providers see it as an expense, rather than what it really is: an investment.

The right marketing plan clarifies (and amplifies) your clinic's message and ultimately helps convert leads into new patients. You should also be able to easily measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts across all ad channels. If you'd rather focus on patient care, a full-service agency can create a compelling, customized marketing plan that lines up with your clinic's goals and values.

Myth #2: You Don't Need a Website


There's no two ways about it. You absolutely need a clean, professional website that's also easy to navigate on mobile. Why? It's usually the first thing potential patients see. (As they say, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.) A clunky website that doesn't spotlight your clinic's services, along with a clear call to action, isn't going to win anybody over. In today's crowded marketplace, visitors will simply move on to the next.

Myth #3: Nobody Reads Blogs

This couldn't be further from the truth. Using editorial content to support your marketing goals (a.k.a. content marketing) is a critical piece of any effective marketing plan. Think of your blog as an online magazine of sorts—it should be an informative, helpful and solutions-oriented collection of posts that serves your patients' needs and interests. This is no place for press releases or sales pitches, but rather informative content that helps build a relationship with your core demographic.

Myth #4: Social Media is Optional


Social media platforms have become a powerful medical marketing tool; of course, they have to be managed appropriately. Random updates posted without any strategy behind them simply won't get the job done. In truth, your clinic's social channels are meant to be, well, social. In other words, they should foster an ongoing relationship with both existing and potential patients.

Again, medical marketing is an investment, but the payoff—a loyal, growing patient base—is well worth it. No one understands this better than Ren Scott Creative. Medical marketing is our specialty, and creating custom-fit, dynamic medical marketing plans is all we do. Your social media strategy is also intimately connected to your big-picture marketing plan. What you post should be thoughtful, measurable and moving the needle on your revenue goals.

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