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How to Produce a Good Video Testimonial

By Anthony Watts on May, 15 2018
Anthony Watts

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We're living very much in a testimonial economy. In other words, no matter how great your clinic is, getting prospective patients to give you a chance comes down to earning their trust. Video testimonials are an engaging, colorful way to use personal stories to connect with new patients—if you do it right, that is.

Here's how to produce a solid video testimonial, from start to finish.

Feature the Right Story

Before you turn the camera on, there is a good amount of preliminary work that has to be done. A video testimonial is, at its core, a form of storytelling. What viewers connect with is an authentic, personal story that's relatable to them—not bland figures and statistics. So before choosing your subject for a video testimonial, you’ve got to vet out all your options. You’re going to want to hold phone conversations with multiple patients and listen to their particular story to figure out which one matches with your vision for the video testimonial.

Make sure you write out a list of goals before getting started – this will help you pick the best patient with the best story. Once you have chosen the patient, get specific with the message to help them clearly communicate how a clinic or a specific treatment has improved their life. Then use that to craft a concise script that's true to their experience.

Don't Sacrifice Quality

To complete the technical work behind a good video testimonial, you do not have to hire an expensive video production crew but putting out a video that feels low-budget will not come off very credible to your audience.

You have two main choices: either shoot it yourself using an adequate video camera or smartphone or connect with a full-service marketing agency who can produce the piece for you. If you opt for the former, make sure you have access to accessories like a tripod and microphone. Shaky video and poor audio quality are sure to dilute your message.

Keep it Engaging

To keep your audience watching from start to finish, the content has to be engaging. Begin your testimonial with something that will hook the audience and make them want to keep watching. Keep testimonials relatively short, to the point and personal, and always be sure to end with a call to action of some kind—like a phone number or email address—so interested viewers know how to connect with you.

Medical providers tend to be unfamiliar with how to go about strategizing, producing and editing video testimonials. That's why it pays to team up with a full-service marketing agency that specializes in medical marketing. At Ren Scott Creative, we're all about taking measurable action. For example, who's engaging with your videos and how? Are people sharing them? Where are they getting the most traction? In order to turn new leads into patients, you have to be able to quantify your marketing strategies.

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