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Journalistic Principles that Cross Over Into Content Marketing

By Caitlin Malone on July, 10 2018
Caitlin Malone

Caitlin is a born and raised FL girl. Her passion for creating digital marketing content shines brighter than the Florida sun. Known as THE grammar guru, she has a keen eye for catching the most minute mistakes when it comes to marketing copy. When she isn't knee deep in content, she's living her best life as a fur mom to her three dogs Yuki, Soba, and Kuma.

Online content is an important tool when it comes to today’s medical marketing strategies. When done right, your clinic’s blog is a resource center focused on the topics your patient base cares about most in the form of blog posts, infographics and videos that are engaging, helpful and relevant.

This is content marketing, and it's one of many moving parts in a well-oiled marketing machine. While its roots are certainly in journalism, content marketing is different in that its core values can always be traced back to the brand (in this case, clinic) that's creating it. It's geared toward serving a specific target demographic and helping them solve problems, but it's still a promotional vehicle that's meant to drive readers to your services.

Be that as it may, there's still a lot of overlap between content marketing and journalism.

Reporting Still Matters

When it comes to patient health care needs, shallow answers simply won't do. Instead, they want thorough explanations, expert insights, and deep dives into specific conditions and treatments. In other words, content marketing often requires a good amount of research and reporting.

And while your blog itself is technically considered a marketing tool, you still owe it to your patients to uphold ethical standards and deliver accurate information that tells the whole story. The writing itself needs to be fair and balanced in order to establish your clinic as a trusted source. In this way, journalism and content marketing have a lot in common.

The Writing Needs to be Tight

One half of writing articles is gathering all the relevant information; the other is synthesizing it and delivering it in a way that makes sense. Content that's loaded with medical jargon comes across clunky and difficult to read.

Readability is the name of the game here, which is why it's in your clinic's best interest to hire a professional writer who has a background in journalism. Clean, concise writing is what makes or breaks content marketing plans.

Stories Should be Connected to a Bigger Plan

The content your clinic publishes should be connected to an overarching medical marketing plan. Remember: it's goal-driven, so putting out content at random is a surefire way to dilute your message. Like journalism, effective content marketing revolves around an editorial calendar based on relevant story topics your audience is invested in.

By working with Ren Scott Creative, you’ll have access to qualified health care writers who specialize in content marketing. They understand the nuances and are pros at crafting your clinic's message in a way that's digestible for the average reader.

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