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Marketing Trends in 2017: Insightful Digital Predictions

By Anthony Watts on February, 1 2017
Anthony Watts

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In many ways, marketing is an ongoing experiment, as new tools and channels are introduced into the landscape.

As digital ads will surpass TV spending by 2.6% next year and with more content produced every year, marketers are going to see a healthy growth of digital marketing trends in 2017. So, what marketing trends can we expect to see in 2017?

Since Ren Scott Creative currently offers a multi-layered approach to digital marketing, we wanted to share some of our predictions for marketing trends in 2017.

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

  • Personalization

Marketers will need to create content that targets a specific audience. Content will move from generic to niche. And, there will be a lot more of it. In a study by Content Marketing Institute B2B brands have increased content marketing success by 85% with increased frequency and quality.

  • Visual content

Crafting visually engaging content that allows the readers to interact will keep users on the page. Xerox found that 80% of their articles with visuals will be more likely read by visitors. As messaging apps and social channels continue to place emphasis on visuals, we’ll continue to see this grow rapidly.

  • Data-led content

Content created from your data sources will satisfy the need to target a niche audience.  Data-led content will likely take the shape of long-form content which may become a higher ranking factor in 2017.

  • Video content

Marketers already agree that video brings in higher ROI. As video integrates more with social platforms and voice search continue to move forward, we’ll start to see visual content take more of a hold on the search engines. And, this will open the door for more advanced technologies like virtual reality.

  • Device-specific ads

According to ComScore, almost 50% of digital media time spent is on a smartphone. As marketers, our digital marketing strategies in 2017 need to be optimized for multi-device campaigns. Desktop ads need to be optimized and scaled for mobile devices to reach a broader audience. Mobile ad spend will increase with location-based advertising as well.

  • Marketing automation

In 2017, we predict marketing automation will see a big spike in usage. Advancements in technology have given digital marketing agencies and clients more flexibility to managing campaigns and relationships. Tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo will allow marketers to create more targeted campaigns.

Your Turn!

Thanks so much for reading! We hope you found our insights helpful and we’d love to hear how you’re planning to adjust your marketing strategies in 2017.

  • How will you use mobile?
  • Will you increase the times you blog per week?
  • What types of content will you explore?

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