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Media Planning For A Successful First Quarter

By Anthony Watts on January, 3 2017
Anthony Watts

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It’s easy to rest on your laurels once you have hit your numbers for the fourth quarter. But while the hard work of the holiday season is over, the hard work of next year has just begun.  

This year, Ren Scott Creative is working with our clients to establish a multi-layered marketing approach for a successful first quarter. And, at the heart of our marketing strategy for the first quarter is creating a media plan. Here are the tactics worth visiting:

Getting Started

When you are starting a new year, begin with historical data. I spoke with Susan Hebel, Senior Media Buyer for Ren Scott Creative, who said it’s smart to start with what you know: what was your first quarter like last year?

From there, you can start to craft your media buying plan that reflects your target audience. Keeping your target audience front and center will help make meaningful improvements to your media planning.

Getting Organized

Media buying is exciting (and crucial) for your business success, but it also requires extensive planning. When we prepare our first quarter media buying calendar, we go through a checklist. We break it up into tasks that can be completed monthly:  

January: Strategy

We have a template that is customized depending on the industry of our client. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

✔ Are your current promotions working?

What channel is driving the most conversions? Paid, earned or owned?

What is your marketing budget and goals for the year? Does your Q1 spending pair with the seasonal effects for the rest of the year?

What online marketing tactics can you use to meet your forecasted numbers?

February: Execute

Next, we want to execute our media delivery while also monitoring the campaigns to see if there are any tweaks we can make.

Request a media kit from relevant companies.

Send personalized outreach emails to media outlets.

Launch direct buy or network buy (Ex: Adwords) campaigns.

Begin A/B testing copy and graphics on landing pages and cross-device ad formats.

Negotiate costs and budgets with media outlets.

March: Analyze

Finally, we gather all our information to report on the efficiency of our campaigns.

Track expected reach and frequency.

Analyze clicks and conversions for new ways to scale.  

Adjust target markets and budget if needed.

Media planning done wrong is buying ads where your target audience doesn’t exist. Done well, it engages new customers and becomes the first step in keeping customers excited for the long haul. Setting up a media buying plan for success takes time, but it’s always worth the effort.

What media buying strategies are you using? What works and what doesn’t? Share below in the comments.


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