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Nurture Your  Leads with These 4 Effective Strategies

By Ren Scott on June, 15 2016
Ren Scott

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Inbound marketing is important to business success, and that becomes more true all the time. Here are a few ways to best nurture your leads and optimize your marketing plan.

Introducing your 2016 Marketing King: inbound marketing

A fundamental aspect of the information age is speed, of course – and that point of focus is often framed in terms of cloud computing or other game-changing tools. However, moving quickly isn’t so much about the technology itself as it is about finding ways to meet the changing expectations of your customers and prospects.

Here’s a basic marketing reality: traditional efforts such as cold-calling, direct mail, and even trade shows do not have the same impact they once did. That’s because consumers and businesses are getting targeted every day, in increasingly sophisticated ways, by marketers. According to AJ Agrawal in Forbes, those who understand how the landscape is evolving and make adjustments will be big winners with the continuing rise of inbound marketing.


Nurture your leads for inbound marketing success

As businesses increasingly implement inbound marketing to accelerate their growth, it’s important to refine your approach so you can outpace the competition. How do you excel? By standing out with better lead-nurturing methods. After all, Forrester Research reveals that when you nurture leads, you see your sales rise 50% while your acquisition cost goes down by a third.


Four lead-nurturing tactics that have profound results

#1. Leverage content targeting. 

By targeting content, you will typically see your sales from inbound marketing improve by 20%, says HubSpot. To take this step, create buyer personas for broad categories of customers. Then consider needs and goals to target each persona.

#2. Go multi-channel.

You won’t get the results you want with an email drip campaign. Go multi-channel with an integrated effort that includes direct sales, dynamic content, retargeting, social, and other components. (See below. This is our specialty.)

 #3. Use numerous touch-points.

Prospects typically need to be touched ten times to become a customer, notes the Marketing Lead Management Report. You will succeed in nurturing your leads if you are able to answer typical questions as prospects proceed through the buyer’s journey. In other words, deliver quality original content.

#4. Answer when the prospect knocks.

 Did a lead just enter their information on your site? Amazingly, the chance that they will buy or go through a qualification process is 21 times better if you reach out within 5 minutes rather than 30 minutes.

“[T]he odds of converting a lead into a sales opportunity are exponentially higher when the lead is contacted immediately following a website conversion,” notes HubSpot. “When you make a timely, well researched call to an inbound lead it’s far more effective than any volume of cold calling.”

The mcreative-meeting.jpgulti-layered approach to inbound marketing

Looking back at that second item in the above list, it is critical to diversify your marketing plan so that every lead gets the nurturing it deserves, through a variety ofcontexts.

At Ren Scott Creative, our multi-layered marketing approach uses every medium possible to communicate with your potential customers. Are yours finding you?


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