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Patient Testimonials: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

By Karen Barrera on May, 22 2018
Karen Barrera

Karen has a unique ability to see through the fog and be direct. She's our go-to when you need a reality check and has the cred to boot. We consider her an office ninja...nobody knows how exactly she gets it all done. Plus, she has an awesome treat drawer and an infectious laugh.

There's more than one way to bring patient stories to life with video testimonials. Whether you're handling the project in house, working with a freelance video producer, or collaborating with a full-service marketing agency, it pays to know the basics. Here's how to make your video testimonials stand out from the pack—and ultimately help you convert interested viewers into new patients.

Common Pitfalls

There's nothing worse than a poorly executed video that's meant to be professional. Two major components come into play here: production quality and content. The former is the most obvious but can be difficult to achieve if you cut corners. We're talking clear video and audio, sufficient lighting and so on. The other piece is the content; the meat and potatoes, if you will. If both leave much to be desired, you've got yourself an ineffective video testimonial. This usually happens when business owners underestimate the task at hand, thinking they can handle the demands on their own.

Learning the Ropes

Middle-of-the-road video testimonials often get one part of the equation right but fall short elsewhere. For example: having a great message that's lost on the audience due to poor audio/visual quality, or a video that has top-notch production quality, but a message that's long-winded, convoluted or impersonal. Unfortunately, missing one mark is all it takes to tank a testimonial.

The Best-Case Scenario

The ultimate goal is to strike a balance where both production quality and the message itself are strong, coherent and relatable. Here are some rules to live by:

  • You can't fake authenticity. Select video testimonial subjects who've got a real story to tell. Zero in on specifics and highlight how their lives are better for having trusted your clinic with their care.
  • Organize the message. The idea is to take the patient's story and put a personal, narrative frame around it. Winging it isn't advised as it increases the likelihood that your subject will ramble. Instead, tighten the focus by prompting the patient with open-ended questions that allow them to elaborate on their care while also highlighting whatever specific strengths your clinic brings to the table.
  • Maintain a realistic budget. Skimping on professional equipment or editing services will result in a video that feels low-budget, which is sure to put a bad taste in viewers' mouths. If you're producing the piece yourself, invest in an adequate microphone, tripod and editing software.

If you'd rather focus on patient care than video production, working with a full-service medical marketing agency is your best bet. Ren Scott Creative offers a suite of customized services, which includes bringing video testimonials to life—then tracking their effectiveness in real time.

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