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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Medical Marketing Agency

By Anthony Watts on February, 26 2018
Anthony Watts

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If you're looking to boost your clinic's medical marketing efforts, you're on the right track—in today's crowded marketplace, getting the word out to potential new patients is more important than ever before.

Now for the big question: Do you hire a medical marketing agency or take a do-it-yourself approach? The right answer depends on a number of factors, but here are the pros and cons of each.

Pros of Hiring a Medical Marketing Agency

ROI Can Easily Be Tracked

If you're tackling medical marketing without the right tools and expertise, how will you know if your strategies are paying off? In other words, how will you measure the effectiveness of your efforts? That's where a medical marketing agency comes in. Ren Scott Creative, for example, creates individualized campaigns that are tailored to your specific needs. From there, you'll have access to a dashboard where you can see every lead that's coming in, in real time. This allows you to quantify your marketing strategy, measure its effectiveness, and make tweaks as needed. You're in complete control.

You'll Be Working With Experts

Just as patient care is your specialty, medical marketing is an agency's specialty; it's all we do. A well-run agency understands the nuances of the medical landscape. Who else would you want crafting a custom-fit, dynamic marketing campaign?

We Can Help You Troubleshoot Problems

Right from the start, a medical marketing agency should be able to help you pinpoint specific marketing objectives. They can also course correct when necessary, taking additional work off your shoulders. Let's say, for example, a false or malicious review is posted on your website or social media account. Ren Scott Creative combs through these things on a daily basis so that you can rectify the situation as soon as possible. You could easily miss such a thing if you're bogged down doing medical marketing yourself.

It's An Investment, Not An Expense

Handling medical marketing in-house will likely require you to hire someone internally to get the job done. This, in itself, could end up being just as costly as hiring a medical marketing agency. You also have to factor in the recruitment, interview and training process. What's more, it's highly unlikely that a single marketing point person is going to offer the suite of services a qualified agency has.

Cons of Hiring a Medical Marketing Agency

Frequent Communication Is Necessary

In order for a medical marketing agency to do a good job, they need to understand your clinic's strengths, weaknesses and concerns. This involves gathering information and taking the time to clarify your objectives and goals. But, at the end of the day, if it leads to supporting and growing your patient base, it's a worthwhile use of your time.

The Cost

Again, it's really about weighing the overall return on this investment. Skimping on medical marketing altogether certainly isn't the way to go; how else will you get the word out about your clinic? Alternatively, doing the job internally isn't the same as having a leading medical marketing agency craft a custom campaign for you. It's apples to oranges.

Clarifying, and amplifying, your clinic's message is priority number one at Ren Scott Creative. What are you waiting for?

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