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The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Your Agency Coworkers

By Anthony Watts on December, 12 2016
Anthony Watts

If you need a smile or want to know what’s hot on-line, Anthony is your go-to guy. As reigning Father of the Year, you can be sure he is equipped with the utmost patience and determination to foster and cultivate any online marketing plan! His digital expertise is a lot like his famous Bloody Marys: loaded with goodies and guaranteed to satisfy.

With Christmas right around the corner, some of us have begun panicking. While we can’t help you shop for your eccentric great-uncle or sullen teenage niece, we can help you at the office.

To aid you on your shopping quest, we’ve compiled a list of affordable gifts that are tailored to each position in your agency.


mousepad.jpgMedia Buyer: She lives in the future. She is constantly on the phone or computer while negotiating the best time slots on a day three months from now. She’s a keyboard queen and her hand deserves this cushioned throne.

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creative.jpgCreative Director: She’s constantly tapped for inspiration and knowledge. She pushes everyone to find that big idea, but sometimes she can’t handle everything on her own. Here’s a gift that is sure to be a lifesaver when her imagination hits a wall.

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Account Coordinator: She spends her waking hours putting out fires. She juggles countless clients and last-minute requests, and she somehow manages to stay calm through the storm. Show her you’ve noticed her firefighting and appreciate her quick thinking in times of crisis.

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notebook.jpgGraphic Designer: Her desk is covered in colorful sticky notes. She spends her days discussing color palettes and style guides. And yet, she rarely gets to cut loose and go back to the basics of art. With this notebook, she can doodle, sketch, and let her imagination explode all over the page. (Adding a pack of gel pens or colored pencils would be the cherry on top of this gift.)

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Copywriter: You’re at her desk when you need a human thesaurus or a quick spell check. She grapples daily with words and always emerges victorious. This is more than a keychain—it’s a warning, a promise, to all who seek to do battle with her.

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tabs.jpgMarketing Specialist: She spends her days optimizing pages for search engines and posting engaging content on social media. Her browser window looks like your personal nightmare, and two screens are not enough to contain all of the different projects she’s working on at once. Give a gift that shows you sympathize with her struggles, even if you don’t fully understand them.

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office.jpgCEO: This is the person who lives and breathes your campaigns—the one whose chair has a permanent indent from spending more time at the office than at home. So, it’s only fitting that you help decorate your boss’s home away from home.

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From Ren Scott Creative to you, happy holidays!

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