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The Power of a Social Media Influencer and How They Can Fit Into a Medical Marketing Campaign

By Anthony Watts on July, 17 2018
Anthony Watts

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"Social media influencer" is a fairly new phrase making its way around marketing circles, and with good reason—collaborating for a marketing campaign is a powerful way to reach potentially huge audiences, expand your reach, and build brand awareness. Let's unpack the details.

What's a Social Media Influencer?

It's exactly what the name implies: someone who's built a rather large and loyal following across various social media platforms. These are folks who have an attentive audience who trusts what they have to say.

How to Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

This tactic, commonly referred to as "influencer marketing," hinges on finding influencers whose lifestyles gel naturally with your clinic's values and patient base. Instead of pitching them at random, the goal is to connect with someone who fits in with your vision and reflects who you are as a medical provider. A great example in a different industry would be a cosmetics brand teaming up for a campaign with a well-established beauty blogger. It's a relationship that makes sense for both parties and won't be jarring for either audience.

Within the medical marketing landscape, it may be more fitting to call them patient influencers. Task your social media manager with pinpointing who's making relevant splashes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like. This begins with getting an accurate read on who your patients are following on social. In-depth patient personas are great here because what it really comes down to is understanding who your patients are and what's going to resonate with them on social media.

Find an influencer you love? Reach out to see if they're interested in collaborating. A cost-effective way to go about it would be to offer them an on-the-house service for them to review and share with their audience. If, for example, your clinic offers a really innovative form of massage therapy, would they be up for giving it a go, then sharing their experience?

The campaign itself can be built in any number of ways. Sponsored social media posts, having them write guest blog posts (or vice versa), or joining forces for a digital or in-person event all count. Regardless of how you do it, the way to get a social media influencer on board is to make it worth their while. In other words, create campaign goals together.

Just be sure that any collaboration is clearly indicated to followers (a.k.a. existing and potential patients) from the get go. Being upfront here is critical so as not to cross any ethical lines. If an influencer is creating a sponsored post for your clinic, it should say so within the post. It's a form of advertising, and consumers deserve to know that.

Ready to dive into influencer marketing? Ren Scott Creative's social media experts can get your clinic moving in the right direction.

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