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Tips for Better Social Media Photography for Your Clinic

By Meagan Simmons on November, 10 2017
Meagan Simmons

Meagan comes to Ren Scott Creative from the scorching hot desert of Arizona, but it's her cool demeanor and get-it-done attitude that keeps it all moving forward in the digital department. Speaking of moving, you may find her at your local gym teaching Zumba when she's not rockin' "the Google."


Is your social media photography lacking? If so, it's time to step up your game. Instagram is a digital marketing powerhouse. Hootsuite reports that three-quarters of users take action, like visiting a website, after viewing an advertised post.

We sat down with Meagan Simmons, Ren Scott Creative's social media extraordinaire, for some insider tips for boosting your social media photography.


Tell a Story with Your Photos

Your social media accounts serve as platforms for sharing your brand with the world. Instead of showing sporadic photos posted at random, they should be part of an overarching digital medical marketing strategy that reflects who you are as a clinic.

"You want to connect with your audience who's following you on social media," says Simmons, who advises against generic stock photos. "Try to really capture your brand in the photography. Original photos are unique content that nobody else is going to have."


Show a Unique Product

Does your clinic offer an exciting technology or one-of-a-kind piece of equipment? Use social media photography to show followers—and potential new patients—why it's so special.

"An engaging image of office space used for physical therapy or interesting photos of real people using the equipment are great," says Simmons.





Spotlight Patients

That brings us to one of your most valuable assets: your patients! There are millions of stock photos out there of generic "patients," and guess what? Social media followers can spot these unauthentic photos a mile away. Assuming you have permission to use their photos, patients are the perfect models for your clinic because they ring true to social media viewers.

"Social media photography is a great way to show real people taking treatment at the clinic. It's patient-centered and way more interesting and authentic," adds Simmons.



Showcase Your Team

Research shows that establishing an emotional connection with your customers is vital for organic growth. Clinics are no exception. Leverage digital medical marketing to humanize your team and build a relationship with viewers.

"Snap photos that show your clinic out in the world and involved in the community," says Simmons. "In-action photos highlight your presence and help get word of mouth out there."

Team-building activities and internal events also come with built-in social media opportunities.



Lighting Makes a Huge Impact

Harsh lighting can wreak havoc on your social media photography. Simmons recommends steering clear of direct sunlight, which can cast severe shadows on your subject.

"Lighting can really make or break a photo," she says. "Natural light is best, which is why overcast days are perfect; they create a nice, natural glow. Also, never use a flash! It's a sure way to wash out the photo."



Resolution Reigns Supreme

When it comes to social media photography, nothing's worse than a grainy, pixilated photo. Capturing clean shots is the name of the game.

"The quality of the photo is so important," says Simmons. "What you want is a clear, focused image; not a blurry, low-resolution shot."

This typically happens when you zoom in really tight on the subject matter. Instead, Simmons suggests cropping the photo later on to avoid a gritty effect.


You don't have to be a professional photographer to elevate your social media photography—it's all about knowing the basics and then using social platforms to visually tell your clinic's story. Social media management is one of our specialties. This is how you convert interested followers into new patients.

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