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Top 3 Critical Website Changes to Improve Lead Generation

By Ren Scott on November, 16 2015
Ren Scott

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Minimalism is the best policy if you want to optimize lead generation on your landing pages.

Here are three ways to simplify and boost your conversion rate.

People are increasingly wary about giving out their contact details, and online competition is at an all-time high. It’s no wonder that many businesses struggle with lead generation. In fact, it is the #1 challenge of business-to-business marketers, with three out of five respondents (60%) listing it among their chief difficulties in a BtoB Magazine survey.

Here are three tactics you can use to bolster your chances of capturing new leads with your landing pages:

First change - CTA optimization


Typical problems with a CALL-TO-ACTION on a landing page are that it is nonexistent, unclear or lacks the necessary prominence.

Here is how to strengthen your CTA:

  • call-to-action.pngStreamline your design and adjust visuals to fit your CTA. Are you trying to get the user to sign up for an eBook? Put an image of it next to the form.
  • You want your headline and your CTA to repeat the same language. For instance, affordable-home insurance.org matches its healdine,"Affordable Home Insurance - Get Fast, Free Quotes," with its call-to-action, a red "Get Free Quotes" button.
  • Get rid of anything that is leading in a different direction from the CTA. You ideally want the CTA to be the only action a person can take.

Second change – The value of brevity

landing-page.pngOn a landing page, you really want to get to the point. That means choosing your words carefully. Rather than going with a bunch of paragraphs, present your sales copy as:

  • Bulleted information
  • Headings that break the message into smaller chunks
  • Buttons or links so that people can interactively explore the content.

As a general guideline, take the text on your landing page and cut it in half.

Third change – Quick & simple form

When you create a form, you want to think in terms of asking the visitor the simplest possible set of questions to qualify them, notes landing page optimization expert Tim Ash. “A good rule of thumb … is to imagine talking to the prospective customer in real life,” he says. “In the real world, you wouldn’t be comfortable asking for too much information too early in the conversation.”Screen_Shot_2015-12-30_at_4.17.17_PM.png

Result-driven landing pages

Do you want more qualified leads?

When it comes to generating leads, it’s all about results. A steady focus on results is core to our philosophy at Ren Scott Creative. For every campaign, we track and record results in real time. 

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