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TV is Alive and Well in Medical Marketing

By Anthony Watts on May, 31 2018
Anthony Watts

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Despite popular belief, TV marketing isn't dead—in fact, our data suggests it's very much alive and well in the medical marketing world.

Many clinics struggle with one all-important question: What's the best way to spend our advertising dollars? With the digital revolution showing no signs of slowing down, it's easy to dismiss television as an antiquated marketing vehicle, but the truth is that it's holding steady as an effective way to build brand awareness.

Digital Doesn't Stand Alone

Millennials and Gen X-ers are often pinned as the tech-savvy generations, but baby boomers are watching TV in equal measure. That's not to downplay the importance of digital ads—they're a vital part of an effective marketing plan, but television is an equally important part of the equation. According to a 2017 New York Times report, reaching baby boomers typically involves a mix of digital, TV and traditional newspaper/magazine ads. The takeaway here is to make your big-picture marketing strategy as diverse as possible.

TV isn't Dying, It's in Mid-Evolution

The way we watch television is definitely changing—the term "binging" has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. These days, it isn't uncommon to save up a string of your favorite shows to catch up on over the weekend. But experts say that live TV isn't a thing of the past, especially where news programs are concerned. AdAge adds that live viewing is far from dead, with reality TV shows also generally drawing a larger live audience. As digital consumption goes up, TV will continue to adapt.

TV Ads Drive Social Media Engagement

One in five social media brand engagements are actually driven by TV ads, according to a recent MarTech Advisor report. This is partly credited to the fact that an increasing number of viewers are simultaneously skimming their phones while watching television. Synchronizing your TV commercials with your social media strategy, for instance, is one way to help convert passive viewers into active brand participants.

Television Still Reaches a Ton of People

Research shows us again and again that TV indeed reaches the masses. According to Thinkbox, television touches roughly 70 percent of a country's population, every day. Data suggests that it's also the most trusted form of advertising, appealing to viewer emotions in a way that static print ads and sponsored social media posts simply can't.

Even after taking this all in, producing and editing effective television commercials isn't the strong suit of most healthcare providers. Outsourcing this creative task to a full-service medical marketing agency can take the pressure off so that clinics can focus on what they do best. Looking to optimize your advertising dollars? That's Ren Scott Creative's area of expertise.

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