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Why a Full-Service Agency is Better than Piecemeal Advertising

By Caitlin Malone on March, 6 2018
Caitlin Malone

Caitlin is a born and raised FL girl. Her passion for creating digital marketing content shines brighter than the Florida sun. Known as THE grammar guru, she has a keen eye for catching the most minute mistakes when it comes to marketing copy. When she isn't knee deep in content, she's living her best life as a fur mom to her three dogs Yuki, Soba, and Kuma.

Running an effective clinic goes hand in hand with marketing and advertising. Providing top-notch care is just one part of the equation; the other is attracting new leads so that you can ultimately grow your patient base. The end game is a loyal set of patients who trust you with their health care needs and refer you to friends and family.

Making the most of your advertising plan means going beyond the random social media post and occasional digital ad. Instead, it's about launching and executing a cohesive and coordinated marketing strategy.

Doing this kind of marketing is almost impossible to handle on your own, especially if you plan to manage your clinic and the advertising. This is where a full-service marketing agency could be of big help. Here's why:

Cultivate a Cohesive Advertising Message

Your advertising message should support quantitative business goals. The problem is, without a comprehensive plan you're likely to dilute your efforts with inconsistent messaging, which makes it that much harder for prospective patients to connect with your clinic. Folks at a full-service agency have an eye for this sort of thing and can help you craft on-brand messaging that tells a story and reflects your clinic's values, which is exactly what resonates with patients.

Take Advantage of Bundle Pricing

Paying for one digital ad here, a social media campaign there, and random print ads in between is a surefire way to blow through your advertising budget pretty quickly. One major perk of going with a full-service agency is bundle pricing. Perks likes this one can help keep you on budget and stop you from overspending your marketing dollars. If you're looking to stretch your marketing dollars, this can be a game changer.

Enjoy On-Call Expert Advice

Providing the very best medical care is your specialty—crafting and executing customized medical marketing plans is ours. Working with an agency takes all of the advertising needs off your plate so that you can fully devote yourself to patient care. Take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts by letting a team of seasoned experts do the heavy lifting for you. The right agency will keep you informed about what’s going on so there is no need for you to micromanage.

Leverage Analytics to Measure Your Advertising Efforts

Tracking the effectiveness of your marketing strategy is key. How many people are actually clicking through on your clinic's website? How many new patients are requesting more information about your practice? What kind of impact is your marketing strategy having? Analytics provide a snapshot of what's working, and also shows you where to course correct if need be.

The right full-service medical marketing agency will be able to keep your marketing campaigns up and running at all times. Ren Scott Creative offers a full range of services to handle all of your needs.

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