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Why Appointment Reminders Should Be An Important Part of Your Email Marketing Strategy

By Caitlin Malone on September, 11 2018
Caitlin Malone

Caitlin is a born and raised FL girl. Her passion for creating digital marketing content shines brighter than the Florida sun. Known as THE grammar guru, she has a keen eye for catching the most minute mistakes when it comes to marketing copy. When she isn't knee deep in content, she's living her best life as a fur mom to her three dogs Yuki, Soba, and Kuma.

When we talk about digital marketing, our minds tend to jump to websites and social media channels. While these are certainly some of the main players, there's one other digital touchstone that plays a huge role in patient retention—email.

Email marketing has come a long way over the years and has since evolved into a legitimate way to nurture customer relationships and build trust. This holds a lot of weight in the medical field; if patients don't trust your clinic, they'll simply take their health care needs elsewhere.

Email marketing also happens to be an ideal platform for appointment reminders. Here's why it matters.

The Value of Appointment Reminders

An appointment reminder is less about drawing in new clients and more about retaining the ones you already have. Research has shown time and time again that reminders improve appointment attendance across a variety of health care settings. In other words, it's a simple but effective way to reduce no-shows. Considering the fact that missed appointments cost the U.S. health care system $150 billion annually, it's something that deserves your attention.

Why Email Marketing is Best for Appointment Reminders

Email marketing goes well beyond appointment reminders, helping clinics stay connected to patients to ultimately draw them deeper into their sales funnel. Clean design templates, catchy subject lines, and useful content are all must-haves when it comes to appealing to your target audience.

This platform is a natural fit for appointment reminders because it's about as targeted as it gets—the patient's name, appointment time and location are all front and center.

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Always Lead with Data

Your appointment reminders are sure to get buried in crowded inboxes if they aren't catching each patient's attention. This is where analytics come into play. A core part of email marketing is having the ability to glean audience insights. What kinds of messages are being opened, and which ones are dead on arrival? If your appointment reminders are flopping (and you're losing money from patient no-shows as a result), tweak your approach and see if the data changes. Something as simple as clarifying the subject line could change everything.

Email marketing in general requires some insider knowledge and finesse. Fighting for inbox space is a competitive game, but the payoff—new patient acquisition and retention—is well worth it.

Ren Scott Creative uses data-driven techniques and a customized approach to make the most out of every email marketing campaign. The result is higher open and click-through rates. Missed appointments can cost your clinic thousands in lost revenue. Put your emails to work for you by closing the gap and increasing patient retention.

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