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Why the Best Sales Pitch Isn't a Pitch at All

By Karen Barrera on September, 18 2018
Karen Barrera

Karen has a unique ability to see through the fog and be direct. She's our go-to when you need a reality check and has the cred to boot. We consider her an office ninja...nobody knows how exactly she gets it all done. Plus, she has an awesome treat drawer and an infectious laugh.

Why the Best Sales Pitch Isn't a Pitch at All

Sales pitches aren't exactly known for their authenticity, but that's ironically what sets a good one apart from the rest. Trading generic for genuine is always the way to go, especially in the world of medical marketing.

The secret to nailing your next sales pitch is understanding that it shouldn't really be a pitch at all. The trick is being yourself and putting the potential new patient first.

Put Yourself in Your Patients' Shoes

Aggressive pitches are bound to fail because nobody likes being on the receiving end of one. Pushy sales tactics feel, well, pushy—and that's never the way you want potential clients to describe who you are. Back up and put yourself in your patients' shoes. What problems can you solve for them? How can you make their health and, in turn, their lives easier? Take the time to listen, then respond thoughtfully.

Remember, you want your marketing efforts to resonate with potential new patients. Begin by understanding their needs, not bragging about your clinic's capabilities. The cherry on top is that this is also how you move the needle on revenue goals. The main takeaway is to personalize your interactions as much as possible.

Tell an Engaging Story

Marketing that strikes an emotional chord is particularly powerful. Why? It evokes the same kind of response as a good story. As humans, we're hardwired for connection, and storytelling provides exactly that. It isn't all that surprising that patient testimonials are an excellent marketing tool for clinics.

Highlight the Why

Motivational speaker and bestselling author Simon Sinek made the "start with why" philosophy famous. The short version is that people don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Instead of leading with something that spotlights the what and how, flip the script and lead with why.

It's going from: We're a local medical practice that delivers outstanding care to we value healthy living and are committed to serving our community with outstanding care. Feel the difference?

Be Patient and Nurture the Relationship

Closing a sale (or in this case, landing a new patient) rarely happens overnight. More often than not, you'll be playing the long game. Be patient and take the time to continue connecting with leads via different marketing channels. Staying top of mind builds brand awareness, which turns prospects into patients.

As a full-service medical marketing agency, Ren Scott Creative has mastered the art of the sales pitch; meaning we understand that "pitching" never really works. Instead, we urge our clients to err on the side of authenticity—and it's never steered us wrong.

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