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Worth the Money? Advertising is Less Expensive Than You Think

By Anthony Watts on April, 3 2018
Anthony Watts

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Running a clinic is just like running a business. Offering outstanding patient care is often the main priority, but things like medical billing, human resource management, and everything in between still have to be done as well.

Advertising and marketing falls in this "in between" space, but all too often, clinics treat it more like an unnecessary expense. This mainly stems from the misguided belief that advertising has to be a costly affair, which isn’t true. When done right, an effective marketing plan pays for itself through patient retention and new patient acquisition.

Word of Mouth is Vital

These days, the medical profession is almost entirely referral-based. According to research conducted by the American Osteopathic Association, U.S. internet users relied on word-of-mouth when looking to switch to a new primary care physician. It seems word-of-mouth is playing a bigger role than online doctor ratings we see on sites like Healthgrades, according to Medscape.

The way to foster organic word-of-mouth referrals is twofold—provide consistent top-notch care while building patient awareness around your clinic. Investing in medical advertising lets you handle the first point while a full-service agency tackles the latter.

Marketing Is An Investment, Not An Expense

An effective marketing strategy helps attract new patients, and excellent care keeps them there. But like anything else, it's an investment. To have the greatest impact, begin by clarifying what your goals are, then create a comprehensive marketing campaign that directly supports those goals.

Going with a company that specializes in medical marketing can demystify the process and help you create a customized plan of attack. The guiding light here is measurability. How will you actually measure, in quantifiable terms, the effectiveness of your campaign? At Ren Scott Creative, we rely on real-time data to track progress and show the return on investment.

Save More by Going All In On Advertising

Dipping your toes into advertising isn't the way to make your clinic stand out from the pack. In today's crowded medical landscape, it's about synchronizing your efforts with a coordinated, multifaceted campaign that addresses everything from social media engagement to content marketing.

When you take a do-it-yourself approach, you aren't putting as much muscle behind your efforts as when you launch a tailored plan of attack with a full-service agency. Going with a professional medical marketing team will also open the door to bundle pricing and full-service options. This means your marketing dollars will stretch much further.

If you've been looking at advertising as a dreaded costly expense, think again. When done strategically, medical marketing is one of the strongest tools in a clinic's arsenal. You just have to understand all the nuances. Ren Scott Creative knows the landscape better than anyone else. Check out the full-service options we offer clinics every day.

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